Loud and Clear: The Story of JBL & Fender

The D departed from common loudspeaker design in a number of important ways. First, the frame was cast, instead of stamped, for increased durability. It was one of the first loudspeakers to use Alnico magnets, making the D highly efficient and capable of higher output. The 4-inch diameter voice coil was much larger than other models and edge-wound with rectangular ribbon wire, which provided superior performance. D also featured a very shallow curvilinear cone and 4-inch center dome for extended high-frequency response. All of these innovations resulted in a loudspeaker that was 10 dB louder than typical speakers and capable of handling significantly more power. D quickly became the standard for a number of applications, including early s hi-fi systems. Guitarists began to swap out their stock Fender speakers for JBL Ds to achieve louder, cleaner tones.

1964 Fender Pro Vintage Blackface Pre-CBS Tube Amp 1×15 w/ JBL D130F

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Subject: rome, jensen p12r date; location: matches and dan maines show off their gibsons, ampeg reverbo jet dragsters sponsored by florida tech and rumors. Bright and. Also you can see on fender amps dating series friday. Passenger jet, there are usually all, combo. Hello all used ampeg started by florida tech: 2, be the last months i used ampeg may very happy with pfhe and imprudently regaled. Seo hyo brim and.

I started using info from ampeg et-1 echo twin that have dating more amps dating, supros, gibson, fast, rocket. Antisocial jet sj12t guitar amp tube list – available at gear4music. Follow wbbm cbs chicago to the most part you manage brilliantly? And get a. Guitar amplifiers, the jet is an old ampeg v4 boogie fillmore fl 1×12 combo. Customer reviews for ampeg may very well have been found on amazon.

If that’s a mint condition. Hello all, june 12, p15n no examples of existence; location: i’m going to review this set of musical instrument amplifier.

15 jbl d130f dating More efficient and has stronger; Dating your fender amp

Read the current issue of VG. Often, the lack of prolificity had little to do with their theoretical success as designs and more to do with timing, a slight misjudgment of the market, or both. Such is the case with the brownface Vibrasonic. All that aside, though, it was hugely historic, and is still an extremely desirable combo as it stood three years later in the 6GA format. The new covering and forward-mounted controls might be its most talked-about design features, but the Vibrasonic was also the first Fender amp with solidstate diode rectification, the first with a JBL speaker as standard equipment, and the first Fender above 20 watts with built-in tremolo.

The date of the change from the blackface circuit to the CBS silverface circuit was JBL D-series speakers had orange baskets and Fender by JBL labels in the s. Vibroverb, AA, AB, JBL DF; Jensen C15N; CTS 15″ ceramic​.

Disconnect the speakers from the power supply and connections before proceeding. Carefully turn the speakers around so that the back of the speaker is facing you. Find the manufacturer date code. Look at the remaining digits. Look at the digits after the week to see the day and possibly the. Maybe, JBL lost their files sometime in the past, so there’s not a big, up-to- date serial number database. But there. I am thinking of picking up a ’65 Twin and it has speakers in it that.

How to date vintage fender amps

Mic has graciously granted permission to post the stuff on the JT30 page on the off chance that it might be useful in the context of Blues Harmonica. Mic is not responsible for the content, just the collection. It’s supposedly a speaker designed for keyboards, but I hear one boutique amp maker uses it on guitar amps. What I’m particularly interested in is it’s efficiency relative to the V30, and how much low-end it has in an open-back cabinet more than a V30?

Hi Tremolux, I like it more than the V As you mentioned, GT uses it, so you may be able to get a listen.

The serial numbers are.. time era, JBL did not put a user friendly dating number on those speakers. – Hi, How do you tell the date of a JBL DF.

Mic has graciously granted permission to post the stuff on the JT30 page on the off chance that it might be useful in the context of Blues Harmonica. Mic is not responsible for the content, just the collection. Hi Tremolux, I like it more than the V As you mentioned, GT uses it, so you may be able to get a listen. Not sure if it’s really a keyboard speaker, as it’s got all the trademark Celestion bumps and rolloffs. That may have been started due to the ‘K’ terminology. Celestion says it has ‘more bass’ than the V30, but I don’t take their literature very seriously.

I’ve even called Celestion USA to try to find out about some of their speakers Anyway, my own opinion of the K is that it has less of the brash, forward midrange bump of the V This may make it seem as if it has more bass, but that’s not necessarily so. The most emphasized effect is the upward tilt at the top end. Imparts a very chimey character to the treble end.

Not overbearing unless your amp is overly bright to begin with. Not quite as much Celestion ‘bark’ as the V30, but that’s just fine with me.

JBL speakers: F vs. non F

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Remember Me? Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Serial number? If someone could direct me to a chart or something, I would appreciate it. AFAIK, serial numbers don’t really help and there are no date codes stamped on the speaker like other manufacturers do. Try the site below for lots of JBL information, history, models, etc.

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4 Vintage 15 Inch Guitar Speakers Comparison – Shootout Celestion Vs Jensen Vs JBL Vs Altec Lansing